South African President Ramaphosa Booed At Mugabe’s Funeral

South African President Ramaphosa Booed At Mugabe's Funeral

President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa was interrupted by mourners with boos as he was about to read his eulogy of Zimbabwean’s ex-president, Robert Mugabe on Saturday.

Recall that in the past weeks, there has been anti-immigrant violence in South Africa. Nigerians and other foreign nationals have experienced series of violent Xenophobic attacks that led to loss of lives, looting and properties vandalized. Twelve people have died, many have been arrested and hundreds of immigrants 

When he was finally allowed to speak, Ramaphosa apologised for the violence. He said

I stand before you as a fellow African to express my regret and apologize for what has happened in our country. South Africans are not xenophobic. Foreign nationals are welcomed in SA. This we do to push for unity that Mugabe stood for

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