Shatta Wale Confesses – I Do Not Drink Nor Smoke

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale, dance hall artiste has dismissed the popular notion that most musicians use drugs and alcohol to enhance their craft and stage performances.

Shatta Wale revealed that he neither drinks nor smokes weed. made these revelations on Metro TV’s “Good Evening Ghana”

According to the Shatta Movement boss, the desire to disprove the misconception people have that dancehall artistes make “noise” under the influence of alcohol or weed is what pushed him to quit smoking the herb.

I stopped smoking weed because people thought weed was influencing me and i wanted to prove to them that my inspiration is God and my love for dance hall

He said the only thing he does is to occasionally puff a cigar but added this seemed too much for people to believe as most people don’t believe he is on a “weed break”.

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