Robert Mugabe To Be Buried On Sunday — Zimbabwean Govt

The remains of late Zimbabwean leader and former dictator, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, is set to be interred on Sunday, September 15, 2019.

According to the Zimbabwean government, the late former president will be laid to rest at the Heroes Shrine in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital.

A statement issued by the Zimbabwean Foreign Affairs ministry states that the lying in State will be at the National Sports Stadium, on Saturday.

The statement advised Heads of State/Government and Ambassadors attending, to vacate the venue immediately in preparation for Sunday’s proper funeral.

The remains of Mugabe who died in Singapore after a protracted illness, arrived his country home on Wednesday in a presidential jet. 

Photos and details of the casket released on Thursday, ahead of preparations for the final burial, put the cost at about 17 billion.

The casket is said to have been computerized in such a way that after his interment, his family members can still watch his remains through their mobile devices.

This implies that any member of his family that wishes to watch his remains in the tomb, will have to access same via his or her phone phone.

According to the London Casket makers that supplied the casket, the facilities in it will protect his remains from decomposing for the next ten years.

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