Reno Omokri criticise African Leaders Who Go To Other Continents For African Meetings

Pastors stop giving New Year Predictions, None come true-Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has questioned why African leaders have to go to other continents for meetings about Africa.

He affirm that African leaders who attend such meetings disrespect themselves and “willingly signaling” their “inferiority” to these other continents.

Reno Omokri wrote: 

Why do African leaders have to go to Europe, Asia and America for meetings about Africa? Why can’t European, Asian and American leaders come to Africa for such meetings? You don’t get respect like that. You are willingly signalling your inferiority to them! If I were an African leader, I won’t go to such meetings. Until you have SELF ESTEEM, you can’t have SELF WORTH. And until you have SELF WORTH, you can’t have any VALUE in the eyes of others. African leaders do not understand that Africa has never NEEDED the WORLD. It is the WORLD that NEEDS Africa. Our mineral and Human Resources are second to no other continent!

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  1. He really made a valid point here and hardly do you hear foreign leaders coming to Africa for such meetings because they have respect for their country but we no get shame at all.

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