Queen Nwokoye: My Parents Die Within 6 Months

Queen Nwokoye: My Parents Died Within 6 Months

Queen Nwokoye speaks about losing mother and father.

Actress buried parents within 6 months

Queen Nwokoye, Nollywood actress lost her father and mother within six months in 2019. Nwokoye took to her Instagram page to talk about her loss which came as a surprise for many even to some of her colleagues

Nwokoye wrote:

I started 2019 with my Mum and My Dad and within 6 months, I became an orphan. I still don’t know how I managed to pull through two burial ceremonies within 6 months.  

I can’t question God but my heart bleeds for them. I take solace in the fact that they are in a better place. Today, I have made a decision to be happy and put everything behind me. God is in control. Happy weekend everyone.

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