Neymar’s Ex-girlfriend Crashes Her Lamborghini, Blames High Heels

Neymar’s Ex-girlfriend Crashes Her Lambo, Blames High Heels

Playboy model, Soraja Vucelic, who reportedly had a fling with Brazilian and Paris Saint-Germain star, Neymar Jr, has blamed crashing her blue Lamborghini Huracan Spyder into a swimming pool on her high heels. 

The 32 year old Soraja drove the sports car into a swimming pool when her high heel shoe slipped from the brake.

A video she shared with her 355,000 Instagram followers shows right after the ₦85 million Italian supercar was lifted out of the pool. 

Judging by the caption that accompanies the video shows Vucelic, who is currently dating the son of a Russian oligarch Vucelic, does not regret the incident that much.

It is safe to assume she won’t have any trouble getting a replacement for the flooded Lamborghini.

Some of the comments from Instagram users, who struggled to have sympathy for the former Serbian Big Brother contestant, one says “It is an easy thing to do when it is someone else’s money”. Another user added “It is more important that you didn’t break your heel, screw the Lambo!” Next person teased “Don’t worry, it happens to everyone!”

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  1. Walking in a high heel is difficult on its own talk more driving with it. Thank God she didn’t kill someone or got herself killed

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