Video: Mob Almost Burnt A Soldier In Lagos 

Angry Mob Nearly Mobbed a Nigerian Soldier to death after he stabbed a man in the stomach.

According to an eye witness account, a Nigerian Soldier was almost killed by an angry mob after he stabbed a man on the stomach at MAZA MAZA, Lagos State .

The Soldier was said to tried to escape after stabbing the man before an angry mob pursued and caught up with him

“The mob descended on the soldier and were beating him up, they were contemplating burning him alive before a man came and made the crowd see reasons why they should spare him”, the eye witness said told our Correspondent .

The reason why the soldier stabbed the man on the stomach is yet unknown.

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  1. Soldiers that have reasons to spare anyone’s life was spared why did he stab the man? He is just a lucky dude if not it would have been a different story I just hope he will not go Scot free sha

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