It Breaks My Heart and I Weep- Ubi Franklin Pens a Letter to His Son

It Breaks My Heart and I Weep- Ubi Franklin Pens a Letter to His Son

Ubi Franklin’s son, Jayden, turns 3 today July 17th and the music executive shared a beautiful love note he wrote to Jayden to mark his birthday.

Ubi in thenote, recounted how Jayden was born in Northern Arizona and how he has grown so fast before his very eyes.

The father of three stated that it breaks his heart and makes him weep to know that himself and Jayden’s mother, actress Lilian Esoro, no longer live together after their marriage packed up.

Ubi affirms that he takes solace knowing that him and Lilian jointly take responsibility for his upbringing, He also added that whenever Jayden sings, he reminds him of Lilian.

It breaks my heart and I weep because I and your mum don

Below is Ubi’s note which he shared via his Instagram page

Son, witnessing your birth was not just an experience; it was a miracle (the beauty of a child being born is nothing but pure joy).”You came and melted my heart, taught me to love, taught me to forgive and see things differently. My past experiences made me one who was easily provoked but God always uses something, or someone to change people, to break them, and for me; my SON and some self discipline did.”You have also thought me to admit my mistakes and apologize for them, even when I think I’m not wrong but may have upset someone, apologize! It takes NOTHING from you but gives you EVERYTHING!!! Son, your magical smile is what I love – Dad Loves you dearly – and will do all to make you happy for my days are better because of you. I have a whole new perspective to life and have experienced another side of life all because of you. (Thank God).

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