Igbos Are The Reason Nigerians Are Hated All Over The World – Aye Dee

Mukhtar Daniyan, popularly known as Aye Dee, has hinted that Igbos are the reason why Nigerians are hated all over the world.

This he said in the heat of the xenophobic attacks suffered by Nigerians in South Africa.

A South African Twitter handle tweeted a video showing a Kenyan man expressing why Nigerians are hated in his country and in other African countries. He replied:

Igbos Are The Reason Nigerians Are Hated All Over The World – Aye Dee

If you go to Congo, they are not comfortable with Nigerians. If you go to Zimbabwe and Zambia, they are not comfortable with Nigerians. In fact, even a country that is close to Nigeria i.e Ghana, they have a problem with Nigerians.

There is a general trait that Nigerians have. There is unnecessary aggression other people don’t find comfortable”

When the interviewer asked to know why he feels there’s an influx of Nigerians in more African countries, he said:

I think because of the terrorism effect that is going on in their country. I think because of the population and high rate of unemployment. So they are operating like Chinese. They are finding a way they can deposit their population. Unfortunately, they are depositing themselves with their Nigerian culture which will not fit in us.

“Even in Nairobi here, they are doing very crazy things with our ladies. Even this week on Sunday, the police arrested 3 people. Some of them were Nigerians with fake money.

“We are only asking Nigerians and other foreigners in our country that let them live within the norms and traditions of that host country

Reacting to the video, Aye Dee stated that the man seen speaking was not referring to Nigerians in total but a particular group.

He is not talking of Nigerians, he is talking about one particular group of Nigerians

When confronted, Aye Dee went on to give an hint about the group he believes are the reason why foreigners dislike Nigerians.

What is the issue here? Have you ever heard anyone complain that some Nigerian (from Kano) is disrespectful to his host community abroad? Or some Nigerian from Abeokuta… In fact, all the issues abroad going back 25 years, mostly from one part of Nigeria, why?

Sardauna said it: People in Malaysia have said it by releasing names, People in Kenya have said it by releasing names, people in Russia have said it, FBI in America has said it. It is a national embarrassment. The bad ones need to be reoriented period

He then went ahead to share a video showing the Sardauna of Sokoto sharing his opinion about the Igbos.

Excerpt from the interview with Sardauna:

The Igbos are more of a type of people whose desire is mainly to dominate everybody. If they go to a village, a town, they want to monopolize everything in that area

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  1. If the Igbos are the reason Nigerians are hated everywhere, then Nigeria should let Biafra be so that the lgbos will be the reason Biafra will hated everywhere and in effect pave the way for your Nigerians to be loved everywhere in the whole wide world.

      1. Even when I travel to Togo, when I told the woman I want to buy toothpaste from that am a Nigerian with pride and bright smile,she said you Ibo go am not selling to you.it was later that I learnt about the atrocities my Nigerians brother have committed,so many that am ashamed of calling myself a Nigerian

  2. Agreed but let them go and the saints refused,why? The chicken has left the knife that killed it and continued to bend it’s neck for the ground. We remains the heroes everywhere we find ourselves. Who knows, knows period. A day will certainly come when these saints will look for these particular people they hated so much but can’t find them amongst them. It’ll be like that that day that the Israelites left Egypt. Nigeria will surely be in ruin.


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