Igbos Are The Most Humiliated People In Nigeria- Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has described the Igbo people in particular and Biafrans in general as the most traumatization and dehumanization (distressed and humiliated) people in Nigeria, who out of their willingness to survive and resilience against all odds, remained afloat in the country.

in spite of their traumatization and dehumanization, we are historically known to be industrious and hard-working people, who have shunned looting and exhibiting kleptomaniac and terrorist characters, yet have been deliberately denied the sense of belonging and pride in the Nigeria project.

Nnamdi Kanu in an address he delivered to the European Parliament during his interactive session with them, which he made available through the groups Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, said that many heinous crimes, that calls for justice and needs to be redressed, have been committed against the Igbos and Biafrans in general, by successive Nigerian governments, particularly the present administration in the country.

He said that IPOB will continue to seek redress against the alleged tyrannical regime of Nigeria who has since become habitual pogromists, at the African Union, in the European Court of Human Rights, the United States and the International Criminal Court.

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