Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X: Which One Should You Buy?

ammy 19/03/2018 4 Comments

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X: Which One Should You Buy?

Few things are as renowned as the age long rivalry between Apple and Samsung with each brand trying to outshine the other with every new release. For a while, the iPhone x the latest release from Apple has taken center stage, but in typical fashion, Samsung has made another epic response with its latest release of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The main highlight of the Samsung S9 even over its older companion the S8 is its mechanical dual aperture camera that can be adjusted to either f/1.5 or f/2.4 based on the available illumination while the iPhone offers just f/1.8. So even though the iPhone still remains better in terms of being able to capture your images in sharper details, the new Samsung does better in dimmer light conditions giving you a clearer shot even under limited illumination.

Asides the camera, here is how the iPhone X compares against the Samsung Galaxy S9


The iPhone is a notch brighter than the Samsung S9 when it comes to in-doors display, as the S9 cannot be forced to get a maximum brightness unless you are outdoor. However, on a general note, the super AMOLED screen of the Samsung S9 gives you 630 and 603 nits which are brighter than the 574 nits for the iPhone. The Samsung also has a higher resolution (2960 × 1440) than the iPhone (2436 × 1125).

With just a quick glance at your Samsung screen, you can see basic information like the time, battery level, and notifications even when the display is turned off. This is another advantage over the iPhone which you always have to pick up before viewing.


While the Snapdragon 845 processor that comes with the Galaxy S9 is quite powerful, it is still no match for apples A11 bionic chip that comes with the iPhone X which gives you a processing speed just a few seconds faster than the Samsung.

The S9 however, offered faster LTE Speeds with an average speed averaging 711.6Mbps much higher than iPhone’s 48.8Mbps on the T-Mobile network. Samsung also fared better on graphics tests. The iPhone X scored 3998 on the 3DMark’s slingshot benchmark while Samsung Galaxy S9 scored 6244.

Battery life:

Comparatively, the S9 3000mAh battery performs just a little bit better than the iPhone 2,716mAh battery. Samsung’s fast charging features give you up to 38% in just 30 minutes, and although the iPhone can give you more under the same time (50%), it requires you to use a separate 29-watt USB-C power brick and a USB-c lightening cable.


So far, Samsung has proven to always get it right in terms of producing elegantly designed sleek phones especially with the S8 and now even with the S9’s improved design. The decision to change the position of the fingerprint scanner below the camera rather than beside it as was in the S8 is one that indeed complemented the look of the S9.

Despite this, the iPhone X stainless steel body still appears to have a more luxurious look than the S9.

Although the price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 varies from one carrier to the other, it still comes at a price less than the iPhone X which costs $999. So if the price is a deciding factor for you that is something else for you to consider.

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