Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumored Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumored Specifications

In April 2017, Samsung released the predecessor of Samsung Galaxy S9, which is the Galaxy S8. The South Korea based company has over the years, kept to the need of the society by producing technologies that perform better than the former one. This year, the company is doing the same by launching Samsung Galaxy S9. The showcase is going to hold during the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona. Even though, the exact specs about the phone are not yet ascertained, we at Zokija have gathered all the rumours about it for you.


If the gathered images so far are to be followed, there is no significant difference between Galaxy S8 and S9 which means same front/back metal glass chassis, weight of 155-158g and an aluminum frame. But unlike the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor in its predecessor, Galaxy S9 has its own in a more accessible position.


Just like the Galaxy S8, the super AMOLED screen dimension is likely to be around 5.86× 2.68×0.31 inch with the screen curving at the edge. The screen is most likely to have QHD+ Infinity Display. If true, Samsung Electronics will increase resolution in multiple folds. The resolution of S9 will most likely be 1440 × 2960 pixel.


Also, the camera of Galaxy S9 will be quite the same as the S8 with a primary rear of 12MP dual- aperture sensor, and a secondary 8MP in the front. If the rumour turns to reality, then you can have a high definition selfie of yourself with beautiful colorations. One thing again about the phone, based on rumour, is that the phone is equipped with the ability to change the camera’s power in relation to the condition. Also, video calls and coverage ability of the phone is expected to be improved.


Samsung Galaxy S9 will most likely be powered by Android Nougart 7.0 with probably an improved CPU — this will of course boost the performance of the S9. The RAM is expected to be 4GB. Also the chip set — Exynos 9810 Octa EMEA and Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon will provide S9 with a 30% performance over S8.


The Galaxy S9 will come with a 3000mAh Battery. But because of the improved CPU, the battery is expected to have a better battery life than that of its predecessors. The battery will of course be unremovable like that of S8. There will be the presence of Wi-Fi 802.11 (or an improved version), wireless charging, hotspot, and definitely Bluetooth. Samsung craves for a phone with very fast internet flow, hence incorporating 4G LTE network.


The price in the US is expected to be around $739. Thus, it is expected to land at the rate of $775 in other nations.


Samsung Galaxy S9 is not much different from Galaxy S8. After the official release, the full specification of the phone will be made accessible for better comprehension.