Our 2018 Predictions for Smartphones and Mobile Technology

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Our 2018 Predictions for Smartphones and Mobile Technology

With all the good news and smartphone features that were either introduced or popularised in 2017, what more could users expect in 2018? The answer is a lot more. In the technology industry, every year is always a promise of bigger specifications and better features.

Notwithstanding, it is vital that every industry has its own direction. And, as a platform that is heavily involved in the buying and selling of mobile devices, PCs, gaming consoles, TVs, and more, we know what the consumers want, and we have insights into what companies are hoping to do in 2018. Therefore, we have compiled our 2018 predictions as a post for all our readers.

Hey smartphone lovers, here comes our predictions for 2018

1. Fingerprint Sensor Will Be Standard on Smartphones

When fingerprint scanners were introduced on smartphones, only the top-notch devices could feature these sensors. However, low-end manufacturers like Tecno and Infinix have since taken up the responsibility to feature fingerprint sensors on their devices. Many low-end smartphones now have fingerprint sensors. With this, we expect more phones and cheaper devices to come standard with fingerprint sensors in 2018.

2. Gradual Integration of Face ID

The face ID recognition has been used on PCs for years. Some mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung also utilised the technology long before Apple featured it on their iPhone X. The certainty that surrounds Apple is such that other manufacturers start using a feature once the Silicon Valley enterprise endorses it. We won’t be surprised if the Face ID becomes mainstream come 2018.

3. No Significant Increase in Battery Capacity

Just in case you haven’t found the phone with a suitable battery capacity, don’t expect to find one in 2018. Gionee and Tecno have produced smartphones with 5,000 mAh battery capacity, and we do not see that battery advantage trend going on. 2018 will be more of tech giants fighting for designs and smart features than a rugged battery capacity.

4. Wireless Charging Still in its Infancy

The idea of a wireless world has been on for decades. With wireless charging, the world can potentially bid goodbye to cables. However, 2018 won’t be that year. Some high-end devices will come with wireless charging. But, low-end phones will still spot the everyday chargers.

5. Dual Cameras are Here to Stay

Little did we know that dual cameras would be a sustainable tech trend when HTC popularised it with their flagship HTC One M8. Dual cameras are now the real thing for phones looking to capture the consumer’s attention. Even Samsung had to follow suit with the Galaxy Note 8 which became the first Samsung device with a dual camera. In 2018, we will see dual cameras as both rear and selfie cameras. There will also be dual flashlight on both sides. This is a big bet that will advance picture quality forever.

6. Adoption of Four or More Devices

Today, your smartphone can do all the basic things you need to do with any device. Calls, games, typing, and movies, are some of the things smartphones are used for. Already in Nigeria, many have adopted the life of using three devices – a small feature phone, a smartphone, and a PC. In 2018, more people will bend toward the tablet form factor. There are several reasons for this. One, devices are now seen as utilities, not necessarily productivity tools. Two, movies, reading and gaming are more optimised on tablets. Three, tablets give you the right balance between a PC and a smartphone.

7. More Demand for Gaming Consoles

If you look up on mobile stores such as the Android and the Windows stores, you will find a number of good games. However, some of the best games are becoming available through purchase with the option of playing them on Xbox (especially Windows Store). In truth, the real gamers know that gaming on mobile phones or PCs is never comparable with a proper gaming console. We’ll see a higher demand for consoles and titles in 2018.

Smartphones will become the hub for doing everything. But, those who really want to explore will have devices for certain activities.

We are not the OEM, and of course, 2018 is a lengthy 365 days with promises of evolving technologies. Nonetheless, these are the predictions that we believe will come true in 2018.

Thank you for taking the ride with us in 2017. Let’s do it better in 2018.


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