How To Avoid Cancer While Using Your Phone- A must read!

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How To Avoid Cancer While Using Your Phone- A must read!

They say health is wealth and a healthy man is a wealthy man. At Zokija, we add by saying that a healthy man is also a man who lives to use the new brands of phone. We value your health hence why we deemed it necessary to enlighten you on how to use your phone without getting any form of cancer.

Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. When the body’s normal control mechanism becomes less functional, cancer develops.

There are three main causes of cancer and they are

2)Smoking and Tobacco

Our concern will be on the third cause, radiation. Radiation is energy that travels in waves and rays. Humans are exposed to radiation everyday because the sun itself is a source of radiation (natural radiation). There are also artificial sources of radiation which if not controlled, may result in cancer. One of the deadliest radiation comes from our mobile phones.

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Network transmits from the network mast to our phones through radiation and this happens whenever we insert our sim cards into our phones. That is why it is unhealthy to always have your phone in your pocket. This tip is mainly for guys who form the habit of putting their phones inside their pockets and also for girls who wear trousers.

When you form the habit of putting your phone inside your pocket, excessive radiation from the network mast can damage your body’s control mechanism giving way for an accumulation of abnormal cells which eventually forms a tumor at the affected area.Cervical cancer is the result in most cases.

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Generally, it’s not advisable to live close to any network masts. In
developed countries, network masts are built at the outskirt of towns where there are no sign of human inhabitation. But coming down here(Africa), you find out that masts are built inside compounds and that is very dangerous to the health.

Also note that switching off your phone doesn’t solve the problem because radiation takes place even on a switched off phone. Have you ever wondered why alarms ring once the time is right even when your phone is off? This proves that radiation happens whenever a sim card is inside a phone. Apart from causing cancer, radiation can also make the male’s reproductive organ to be dysfunctional.

X-ray is another source of radiation and pregnant women are advised not to go for X-ray more than twice. This is because the fetus can be exposed to excessive radiation. We all know that the cells of fetuses are relatively fragile and a little exposure is enough to cause the harm. The fetus can even be affected before the mother.

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