Holiday Security Tips for Online Shopping

ammy 29/12/2017 1 Comment

Holiday Security Tips for Online Shopping

Online shopping has been made easy with mobile devices and e-commerce outlets. You pick your phone at the convenience of any location in the world and make order. You get your purchase delivered to you. But, certain dangers come with shopping online, especially during holidays when more people trade e-commerce websites to make purchases.
It’s that time of the year when everyone wants to buy something. It could be a gift, or a home appliance, it could be whatever. However, we want you to be security-conscious when buying items online. Here are some e-commerce tips for you this holiday.

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Transact on Secure E-commerce Websites

Websites with ‘HTTP’ are not as secure as ‘HTTPS’. The latter provides more security because websites that start with ‘https’ are encrypted. Visitors’ personal and financial details that are sent to the sellers are safe and protected. We will suggest you transact on the ‘HTTPS’ websites. Also, when you are making your order online, be sure to verify the websites to be authentic and reputable. They are reputable for some reasons and one of such is that your transaction is safe.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Cyber criminals are lurking around to strike from there. They can breach the not-so secure public Wi-Fi easily and have access to your banking details, making it easy to wipe your bank account or commit any other vice. To avoid such, avoid public Wi-Fi, they are easy to tamper. Use your mobile phone connection, it’s safer.

Beware of messages from unknown and unreliable source

Offers, messages, emails, discounts, that are too good to be true should be ignored. Just like e-commerce websites will send you emails, cyber criminals will send you emails. Their aim, unlike e-commerce platforms, is to entice you with mouth-watering offers to pin you down as a victim. When you are in doubt, ignore such messages; or inquire locally because when a popular website gives out an offer, they publicize it. Verify the authenticity of any messages before you respond to any offer.

Vary your passwords

The passwords you use with your mail, multiple bank accounts, or any other platform you use should be different. With this, cybercriminals do not have access to your other accounts even if they succeed in hacking one. You should vary your passwords, and mix them with alpha-numeric symbols.

Secure Your Devices

Install malware and anti-virus on your devices. This will ensure you are protected from downloading files that are dangerous as well as visiting deceitful websites. However, as technology advances, cyber criminals are getting their ways around these protective devices. To stay safe, always update the protection software you installed. This will protect your personal details and spot suspicious files that can find their way to your device.