FIFA 19: Release, Downloads, and more

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FIFA 19: Release, Downloads, and more

With the release of FIFA 19 around the corner, there is no doubt that video game players can’t wait to see what it can bring. Just as expected, this version will be a major upgrade of the former series and you can be rest assured that it comes with impressive features. This post is going to be showing some hidden facts about this upcoming football game. There is no doubt that discovering such details will enable you consider how to download it for the ultimate gaming experience.

 Its Release

EA Bucharest and EA Vancouver are the brains behind the development of this football game. Just as stated above, it is meant to be an upgrade of the former versions which have been released earlier on in the gaming world. The initial release date is on the 28th of September 2018.


 Downloads and Platforms

Just like its other FIFA series which have been released into the gaming world in the past, FIFA 19 has been developed to be compatible with various video game platforms. These could be PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This simply means that you will be having lots of options where it will be played without any restriction. It isn’t officially released for downloads at the moment though.


Gameplay is the nitty – gritty of every game which has been released into the world of video games. FIFA series has been known to have an impressive gameplay over the years. However, something has been missing which is the fact that those former series tend to still lack that realistic feel.

With the release of FIFA 19, all of these are about to change. This is because it makes soccer to be far more realistic than it used to be. For the first time, you will not even know that you are playing a video game. This has been possible through the adjustment of its speed which now seems slower as compared to the former series. It is all about ensuring a blend of both realistic and arcade.

 New Leagues

These are really exciting times as revealed by EA sports given that Champions League (UEFA) rights have finally been secured. According to one of its directors, this is one of the major additions of this new soccer game. If you have been waiting for the Champions League to be officially introduced by FIFA then this series has just met your needs in such regards. You will be able to get a firsthand experience of UEFA Champions League elements which have been added for the ultimate gaming experience.

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 Other Features

The way that the ball will be received by players has been worked on as well. This has been made possible through the integration of ‘‘Active Touch’’ feature. There is also the inclusion of changes in weather conditions which can force players to make mistakes. For instance, elements such as snow and rainfall have been included which can affect the game’s momentum.