Apps That Might Help You Keep to Your New Year Resolutions

ammy 26/01/2018 1 Comment

Are you the type that cherishes change? Or the kind that always fights with his/her conscience? Definitely, you are on the right path. Every year, people make resolutions like “I will quit alcohol this year”,” I won’t miss any Sunday again for church services” etc. But after some time, they usually forget their promises and return to their old forms. At Zokija, we want you to achieve every goal you have set for 2018. Therefore, we have done the groundwork for you by selecting the mobile apps we believe will help you keep to your New Year resolutions. Constant use of these apps will curb inability to keep to your resolutions.


To keep your resolutions, you have to be happy. Thus, Happify was designed based on conclusions from scientific research on emotions and happiness. It feeds you with series of research-based activities to complete per week. This is aimed at making you happier than before which has seen huge results.


Have you been planning to fulfill your unfulfilled dream to travel? Travelocity is the right tool for you. This application will help you keep that travel/tourism resolution. It does that by constantly informing you about the best flights and the best places to seek accommodation. To get Travelocity, visit


Are you getting a steady income but spends it on irrelevancies? got the solution which is Mint. After supplying some banking details and things you want to spend your money on, the application will help you make a steady budget.


Did you resolve to stop smoking last year but found yourself smoking this year? Then, this application is best for you. Cessation Nation is an application, like a Nation, that contains addiction experts and smokers willing to quit. It links you to those people to help you resolve a better life. Cessation Nation also informs you of how much you have saved without purchasing cigarettes, marijuana, etc. by keeping track of your progress.


Are you the once intelligent student in your class? Are you the type that wastes time on unnecessary issues? Wunderlist is the perfect choice to make. The application helps by informing you of times and dates. Apart from that, it also informs you of the arrangement you have. This will help to remind you that you have to read to become the standout chap in your class and to achieve the maximum goals within the shortest period.


Did the Doctor diagnose you of grade II obesity last year? Are you afraid of cardiovascular diseases and you are planning to reduce your weight this year? is the best place to visit to achieve your fitness/health goals. MyFitnessPal helps you monitor the number of calories and fats that you take in as food. It achieves this by using the millions of food types that are equipped with it. With MyFitnessPal, you can reduce weight within few weeks of practice.


The disadvantages of mobile phones seem to overcome its advantages. Using it for something reasonable like helping us keep to our new year resolutions will go a long way in making it more advantageous to us. These are apps that can help you achieve the success you’ve always wanted.