Apps that Can Increase Your IQ

ammy 02/02/2018 1 Comment

IQ denotes intelligence quotient which is the result of series of tests defined to test human intelligence. William Stem was the mind surgeon that gave intelligence quotient its abbreviated form, IQ. As it is still a hot matter whether an individual will score high in IQ test if his parents have had a high score, thus one cannot fully ascertain whether it is hereditary or not. Also, it has been scientifically proven that IQ regresses as age increases, hence, the need for early development.

As advancement in modern technology keeps flying, employers tend to assess the intelligence of their job applicants. Thus, the need to develop one’s intelligence to adapt to the needs of the 21st century as unemployment keeps increasing. This may also be an added advantage to you in terms of income. In order to fulfil this, several apps have been designed with the sole aim of sharpening the intellectual core of human as we know that we are living a digital life.

These mobile apps supported by Android and iOS, are brought to your notice by Zokija. There are large varieties of such apps, but the top five have been shortlisted based on their ability to affect intelligence in a more pronounced and positive way.


This application is among the thousands of applications available to improve your intelligence. It is equipped with various sets of challenges which include mathematical skills like estimation, value comparison, listening, and reading comprehension etc. It was designed to bring the mind into absolute focus, increase memory, information processing speed and others. With Elevate, increased performance in intelligence is expected within few weeks of practice. Users of Android and Apple devices can download the app from Google Play store and Apple Play Store respectively.


Being amidst the top enhancers of intelligence quotient, the sole aim of its design was to enhance speed both at young and older ages. This tackles the decline in intelligence as one gets old by enhancing fast decision making, i.e. it helps to develop short-term memory which can change into long-term memory if well processed at the best rate. It is also called Dual N Back game. In addition to changing the location of the block on a square 3-by-3 grid, there is the challenge of remembering a series of spoken letters. Equipped with statistical tracking, monitoring your performance on a daily basis becomes much easier. In addition to availability for Android and iPhone users, Mac and Windows PC are also included.


Are you experiencing stress? Your solution lies with Personal Zen. This application helps to tackle stress by exposing human to positivity rather than negativity. Apart from stress reduction, PZ also helps to reduce anxiety in human. Isn’t it great in view of the many anxiety disorders that we have nowadays?

The application was designed to feature two characters — a friendly one and an angry one. With this, you focus more on the positivity, thus reducing anxiety and stress. Also, changing negativity to positivity is also incorporated into the application. Apple Play Store is where you will find Personal Zen.


This app is available for both users of Android and iOS. It is equipped with exercise for different mental faculties that can be explored by you as you play the game. Lumosity is split into three varied sessions focused on problem solving, attention and memory. Also, the rate at which our brains process the information is very crucial, and this app improves that. This is possible while playing as you are being timed which helps in fast decision making. It is also integrated with series of tests like puzzle solving, recognition of patterns, etc.


This is one of the vast numbers of apps available to develop your intelligence and emotional quotient. One outstanding feature of the application is that you can develop any area of your brain that you wish, e.g. memory and learning, processing speed, brain focus, emotions, and more. For each exercise, there is a degree of difficulty that increases as one proceeds in the game. This puts the brain in a challenging environment. Thus, your weak brain areas can be adequately developed with Brain Fit. You can open an account and unlock all the exercise. However, to unlock the game, a monthly subscription fee has to be paid, and you can even get a lifetime subscription.