5 Phones the World Will Never Forget

No long talk, we are giving you a list of the phones that graced the world with applause. These phones will never be forgotten, and our lives have become better since these devices were introduced. Take a look. 1. Nokia 3310 What makes this phone legendary isn’t the spec or whatever design we see on new devices these days. Nokia 3310 was just unique on its own. It was a very strong device that could hardly be broken or spoilt. It was the perfect phone for Nigerians, and everyone had or craved one. You would hardly find a better phone than the Nokia 3310. Even now, the latest edition has been manufactured with many consumers trooping to buy the device. Will there ever be a stronger phone than Nokia 3310? 2.Samsung D500 Samsung Electronics announced the release of this phone in 2004. It was among the first generation of phones … Continue reading 5 Phones the World Will Never Forget