5 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Your Smartphone Camera

ammy 08/02/2018 1 Comment

5 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Your Smartphone Camera

The camera feature is arguably one of the most powerful tools a mobile phone has to offer. Quite frankly, we all want to capture that perfect moment, that perfect smile or take that gorgeous selfie. Gone are the days you had to be a professional photographer to take a beautiful picture, and still have to wait for days for it to be processed in the studio. Now, you can do it in a minute with the phone camera. It’s no wonder when searching for phones to buy we research for phones with high megapixels. What if you were told that megapixels are not all there is to a camera’s quality? What if you were told that you could still enjoy your camera on your medium-end device? It sounds like a fable, right?

Stay calm; it isn’t a fable. You can, in fact, make the most out of your camera. Read on to learn about some amazing ways you can use and enjoy your camera.

1. Easily find things on the internet: You must have had that moment when you want to find out more about an object. But all you knew about it was its shape and outline, yet you need information about it. The e-bay app is here to the rescue. On the app all you need to do is upload a cropped image of the object you are looking for, the app will then search for it. And there it is! You have just used your camera to look up information about a picture.

2. Use your camera to solve mathematics: You may not be mathematically adept, and there may be a few times you need to crunch a few numbers, but your calculator is nowhere in sight. Using your camera along with the Photomath app, you can crunch those numbers. All you have to do is to point your camera at an equation, and you get an instant answer.

3. Get Real-time translation of foreign languages: It would be quite the bad experience to travel to a foreign country with only a smidgeon of knowledge about their language. Perhaps, the longest sentence you can form is hello. With the help of the Google translation app, you won’t find yourself stranded even if you don’t speak the language. All you have to do is open the app, click on the camera icon, and point the lens at the text you need to translate. The text on the screen will magically change to your preferred language.

4. Use an image-based search engine: Do you have that specific image on your phone you need to find a similar image or information about it? Camfind is here to the rescue. It’s lit like your typical search website except that it uses images instead of words. All you have to do is take the picture on your camera and search using the app. It would then generate a list of similar images.

5. Shopping- When shopping, to get the ultimate experience you should use the Amazon mobile shopping app. It offers some of the coolest camera tricks that can better your shopping experience. You can shop for an object simply by searching for it or scanning the barcode using your camera, and you can immediately order for the delivery of the product.

These tips, if properly used and applied, could go a long way in making one part of your daily experience better.