15 Must-Have Apps For Your Phone

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15  Must-Have  Apps  For  Your  Phone

As mobile technology continues to evolve, developers keep building more apps and dropping them in our smartphone stores. Mobile app stores are home to millions of apps. That’s more apps than you can download or use in a lifetime! The best you can do is to download the apps that meet your specific needs, or an app that helps you achieve a task. However, for anything you want to do, there are tens, sometimes hundreds of apps, that can help you achieve that thing, of course, giving you different results.

Aside from legacy apps like Facebook, Whats App, YouTube, Instagram, etc., what apps must you have if you want to get things done, be it to play games, listen to news, or for business? Take a look at the 15 apps you must have on your smartphone

1. Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

The first thing you should do with your smartphone is download a security app. Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus app is free and one of the top antivirus apps in the mobile app store. It protects you from web vulnerability and keeps track of your other apps. It also has an anti-theft component which you can use to lock, locate, or wipe off your stolen phone.

2. Solid Explorer

With an array of file management programs, Solid Explorer stands out from the crowd. This app helps you organise your files, protecting your documents with an additional security support. It enables fingerprint scanner to lock and unlock your files. The app has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.

3. Greenify

There’s a common attribute all modern phones share: the more apps you open, the slower your phone’s processor will run. This causes lag when opening some apps. Greenify solves that problem. It identifies and subsequently hibernates apps that are redundantly open, slowing the processor, or consuming too much battery fluid.

4. Helium

Phones can be fragile devices. This makes backup very important. With Helium, you can sync your data and apps between various devices. You can also restore your apps from the cloud.

5. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is great for those who want to get things done with blazing speed. With this app, you can give commands on what you want to do, and the virtual assistant will get it done. For example, you can tell it to call your friend while you are cooking. You can send a message to a colleague even while getting dressed for work.

6. WPS Office

This is a very popular app among students and business people. You can use this app to create Word documents, PowerPoint presentation, or Spreadsheets. You have a 3-in-1 app that rightly serves its purpose every time.

7. SwipePad

The process of locating an app can be tedious to many. SwipePad helps you reach an app icon faster by giving you the option of launching an app from another.

8. AirDroid

AirDroid is a useful app, especially for those who work in environments where the use of phone is frowned at. AirDroid helps you access other devices such as your PC and phone without physical contact. AirDroid gives you access to your mobile device with the use of a web interface on your PC. This means you can text or chat on your mobile device while using your PC.

9. Alat By Wema

Alat is a Wema bank app that helps you do every banking activity from the comfort of your phone. From registration to sending and receiving money, Alat is a digital bank that promises you will never have to enter a bank anymore.

10. Boomerang Notifications

By clearing or tapping on notifications, you establish that you do not need them anymore even though this is not usually the case. Boomerang Notifications helps you retrieve individual notifications by saving them for later. This is a useful app for those who have a lot of emails they never reply to.

11. LastPass

Never worry about your mobile passwords anymore. LastPass is your new password assistant. The app boosts your web security by generating and saving unique passwords for each app or platform. It will automatically fill in the spaces the next time you try logging into an app. It protects your banking and financial information with additional security layer.

12. SwiftKey Keyboard

This is a very popular keyboard. Its predictive technology is highly accurate and learns your words quicker than other keyboard apps. It has a strong privacy policy that protects your log-in information while giving you the options to communicate in 100 languages.

13. DashClock Widget

This app has a good amount of at-a-glance information everyone needs. It places the information right on your home screen. With this app, you can easily stay on forecast updates and check just how many emails are waiting for you.

14. Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is a wonderful app that helps you scan your document and process it into a detailed image with the use of your device’s camera and image processing software. Cam Scanner is used to scan invoices, handouts, certificates, receipts, class notes, et cetera. The quality of the image will be sharp and of top quality.

15. Pander

There are days you don’t feel like cooking. There are days you feel like eating but you don’t know what to eat. Pander offers you solutions. With its restaurant locator, Pander will give you directions to where you can eat out. Also, it will ask you a series of questions in order to choose the right food that suits your mood.


Those are the 15 must-have apps we recommend you download on your phone. Which of them do you already have? Perhaps, you have some apps you think should make the list, kindly let us know in the comment section below.


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