10 Reasons To Dump Apple iPhone For an Android Phone

10 Reasons To Dump Apple iPhone For an Android Phone

Everyone knows iPhones are classy, beautiful and unique. They are also expensive and specially made for a certain class of consumers. Many iPhone users buy the device because of the class and value, not because they really need it or prefer it to Android phones. However, this might be the time to switch to an operating system that is actually made for every human – Android. Android devices are the most popular and most purchased devices in the market. They are fun to use, and have a host of advantages over their iOS counterparts.

We are not trying to devalue the classy iPhone, we are only telling you Android-powered devices can help you do all the stuffs you want to do on iOS at a fraction of the time, money, and more. Below are some reasons why you should consider switching from an iPhone to an Android device.


iPhone has delivered poorly when it comes to battery capacity. The battery doesn’t last long, and for those who do lots of tasks with their smart hand-held devices, iPhone is not an option. On the other hand, Android devices battery capacity varies from device to device. Presently, there are some batteries that could last you for a whole week when fully charged. No version of Apple’s famed device is close to beating that.


Android phones can be customized to look exactly like an iPhone; this phenomenon is impossible with an iPhone. There are people who have downloaded an open source application that brings almost all the functions of an iPhone to their Android device. Android can be customized to suit the owner; you can use different applications to change the entire content and look of the phone. You can as well turn the entire Android home screen to the popular Windows 10 interface. This is an amazing feature of Android that can’t be found on an iPhone.


Yes, an iPhone can multitask definitely, but this can’t be compared to what an Android device does. An Android device can open as many as 50 applications on the spot and at the same time, it would keep all your information on each application intact without freezing or lagging. Do you think iPhones are made for this? Not at all.


There are thousands of games and utility applications on both Google and Apple stores. However, iPhone are limited to the games and apps found in the store. Android devices on the other hand, are powered in such a way that they can download games and apps on several websites.


Sharing files from an iPhone to another device is a formal task on its own. At times, it is virtually impossible to send or receive files from a friend. In truth, using an older version of iOS could mean that your device can’t even connect to a newer iPhone. But on an Android, there are multiple apps that you can use for file sharing from your device to any other device. Besides, Bluetooth is always handy.


An iPhone is extremely expensive compared to an Android device. Android devices have a wide price range, and anyone can find a smartphone that fits his pocket. However, iPhone come at very expensive prices that most iPhone users buy the outdated ones which of course, come at lower prices. With an outdated iPhone, you are getting nothing new because all the features would have become ubiquitous on other devices.


Repairing a smartphone is expensive these days. The reason is most likely that the major issues users have are screen-related, and replacing those screens come at high prices. However, with an iPhone, you just don’t want to have any problem at all. Else, you might be paying to the repairman, the cost of a new Android device. More so, repairmen understand Android phones much more than iPhone which is one of the reasons why repairing Android devices is quite cheaper compared to Apple’s flagship devices.


One other disadvantage of iPhone over Android is when you are typing and your phone locks, maybe after minutes of not pressing, iPhone is programmed to delete the text and erase it from its memory automatically. Android, on the other hand, keeps such information. In fact, you will still see the text as drafts even if the device is powered off.


With iOS, you have to upgrade to the latest OS versions if you want to enjoy your device. However, Android gives users the freedom to upgrade or not while ensuring that users have the leverage to use even the most recent features on older versions.


As earlier said, Android is an open platform that is used by lots of manufacturers. This makes the Android market very open as users can choose to buy any smartphone of their choice. You are not limited to a single company as Samsung, HTC, Tecno, Infinix, Sony, Motorola, LG, and more contest for your naira. This is more interesting and gives you the power to choose compared to iPhone. Apple is the sole manufacturer of iPhone, and you are only limited to a particular phone every year or two, with iterations such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus.


iPhone are great, but there are Android phones that rival its greatness and even come top at times. Swapping the disadvantages of an iPhone for the benefits of an Android device is a decision you should make, especially if you want a device that gives you optimum battery capacity and possesses all the attributes above.

Have you recently switched from an iPhone to any android phone? Why the move? Let’s share our experiences and learn from each other

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  1. Lovely comparison though not all Android phones has long lasting battery and its so annoying when it hangs. If it were possible for Nokia phones to be more available in the market I think would prefer that

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